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>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. the kick, and it's a goal. >> it doesn't get more exciting than this, the american women move on toward the world cup as the bay area pauses to watch the win. good morning -- good afternoon, rather. i'm tori campbell. america with another big win. the women's us soccer team is one step closer to winning the world cup. happening right now, a quick and decisive win for the americans
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in germany. jade hernandez is live in san francisco where fans braved the cold this morning to watch the excitement, jade. >> that's right. all of the ax may have taken place in germany, but all local fans had to do was look at the screen to see their girls clench another win. [cheering] >> it was an exciting game, you know, it's also a nail biter. >> reporter: this san francisco san franciscan is packed with fans, soccer fans and lovers of the game. we also caught these women tossing the ball back and forth along with the excitement, along with those drapes and the american support. these fans didn't mind the weather was foggy and cool because they support the team making it to sunday's world cup finals. the us team took on france today. the huge screen meant there wasn't a bad seat in the square in front of san francisco's city
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hall. >> there's nothing compared to being out here with everybody else cheering. it's exciting. >> i think there's some hope, you know, for the united states with everybody going through tough times with jobs, and these girls are following their dream right now and we're behind them. >> reporter: they came up from san joes to watch the game. this year, the energy in san francisco seems to be enough and they made sure to arm themselves with blankets, chairs and, of course, a little bit of red, white and blue. >> we're just soccer fans. we went to the '99 world cup in la, that's where we got our gear from. >> reporter: this game doesn't disappoint the hundreds gathered, despite france controlling much of the game. shortly after the second half, france came back tying the game. in the last five minutes, the us scored again putting them up 3-1. their win sets them apart as well as the first time in 12
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years the us is heading to the world cup finals. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a day for people watching the soccer match, a dreary day and a damp forecast for mid-july. >> that is true. a lot of people sending e-mails and tweets saying what the heck is going on here. we just have a really big fog bank and a strong marine layer which has not only given us drizzle. there are reports of .04 and .05 in some locations. san francisco has had measurable drizzle for about three days in a row. san jose gets a little clearing down there. livermore is only 65 at noon, almost 70%. you can see the fog, but you can also see a breeze pushing the fog into the sacramento valley. it's rare. when it makes it that far you know we're maxed out. the temperatures are below average. it should be 88 in livermore,
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and it's 75. you throw in a little clouds, west winds and drizzle, and it feels more like march, not july. but we'll see if there's warmer weather coming up in our weather segment. >> thank you. the san mateo county district attorney has decided not to file charges against a college football player accused of refusing to pull up his pants as he boarded the plane last month at sfo. yesterday, supporters of him held a rally at san francisco city hall calling for a federal investigation of the incident, saying marmin was a victim of racial profiling and racial discrimination. airport police arrested marmin after he was ordered off a us airways flight and refused to leave. >> i've determined that this is a case that does not belong in the criminal courts. i think if we brought it into the courts, the jury, members of our community, would say, da's office, find more important
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cases to use our precious court resources. do not spend our tax dollars prosecuting cases like this. >> the da says he believes police acted appropriately and that marmin could have avoided the situation by cooperating in the first place. and us air said it welcomed the da's decision issuing a statement saying, mr. marmin could have resolved the situation quickly at the time of the incident. had he chosen to do so, we too believe our crew and employees acted professionally in dealing with the unfortunate situation. some scary stats coming out of a congressional hearing right now about airport security. there's been 25,000 security breaches at airports since 9/11. 14,000 of them involve passengers entering so-called limited access areas without permission, and 6,000 involve carry-on luggage and screening issues. those in charge of airport security are getting grilled by a congressional committee today. the leaders are saying they are frustrated with the number of breaches.
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another investigation that was the focus of this morning's hearing revealed that a lot of tsa bomb screening equipment is not meeting the latest standards, and some of it is even considered obsolete. we're learning new developments out of india on a coordinated terror attack in mum by. this has been playing out all morning into the afternoon. just in the last hour, the death toll rose to 21 with another 113 wounded when bombs went off nearly simultaneously in three busy neighborhoods in mumbai. witnesses say bodies laying in the streets wounded were taken to the hospital in taxis. because of the close timing of the blasts, india's leaders say they believe it was a terrorist attack. the last time mumbai was hit by a terrorist attack was in 2008 when over 160 people were killed. a fund raiser will be held in san francisco tonight to mark the 29th birthday of shane bower, one of two graduates
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being held in an iranian prison for two years now. his fiancee was released last september. she will speak at the fundraiser tonight. it's scheduled from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the photo center on third street. the money raised will go to pay bower and fatal's legal fees. congressional leaders are expected to return to the white house today as negotiations grind on over the debt ceiling and federal spending, but there's little sign of progress. yesterday, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell proposed a compromise that would give the president expanded powers to raise the debt ceiling, but drew immediate criticism from fellow republicans, particularly tea party conservatives. however, neither the president nor house speaker john boehner have dismissed it out of hand. >> even with the funds close to zero, we have other ways to ease the conditions further. >> the federal reserve chairman
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ben bernanke told congress the fed is ready to act if economic conditions get worse. he also said that if the government fails to raise the debt ceiling, it could lead to catastrophic consequences in world markets. bernanke's signal that the fed was willing to take more steps to boost the economy sent stocks higher today. the dow had added more than 140 points at one time this morning. it's still up but not as much right now as you can see. the live picture of the big board on the new york stock exchange, the dow is up 83 at 12,529. relatives and advocates for prison inmates held an emergency press conference this morning on hunger strikes at several state prisons. the group stood on the steps at the california state building in san francisco with an update on inmate conditions. in particular, inmates at pelican bay. they say some inmates are having serious medical issues because of the strike. four were hospitalized on saturday. the strikes are to raise awareness of what the protesters
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say are poor prison conditions. >> they're humans just like any of us. you know, we make mistakes. unfortunately, the mistakes that they made have landed there, but still are humans, and they need medical treatment regardless of why they're there. you know, they should not just be thrown in a hole and ignored and forgotten about. >> their demands include adequate food, cleaner conditions, and an end to group punishment. prison officials say striking inmates are being monitored and that some are eating and have even gained weight. county officials suspect the noro virus is to blame for a spike in sickness at camp mather. illnesses have already been attributed to the same virus. both camps are located just outside yosemite national park. the towomni camp was closed saturday because of the virus and was reopened yesterday. the virus made 75 people sick at
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that camp. staffers say they are taking precautions by scrubbing food areas and bathrooms with disinfectant. things are about to change for kids who skip class in concord. late last night, the city council voted to approve a tough new day time curfue when school resumz next months. it requires all public school students to be in class during school hours or they and their parents face hefty fines. some residents say anodor is making them sick again. they shut down a water treatment plant they blamed for the stivrn. however, the smell has not gone away. the city of richmond ordered the viola facility to stop prailgz operations in october, as it released hydrogen sulfide into the air. residents say the smell continues. the city created a website which showed levels of hs 2, and the company says investigators
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visited the treatment facility less than a week ago and found no levels of hs 2, regardless residents keep complaining about a stench. >> i just got an e-mail, as a matter of fact, day before yesterday, that it exceeded the limits that it was supposed to stay under. >> viola says they will continue to work with the city. san jose state says the demand for on campus housing is so great the university is telling upper class men who now live on campus to get hotel rooms. the school says there are two things increasing the demand for on campus housing. first, a freshman class of 4,000 students. second, a new rule that requires incoming freshmen to live on campus if their home is more than 30 miles away. one woman we spoke with this morning about the situation says it's created a delay in her son's room assignment. >> we were supposed to hear mid-june, and we still as of
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right now haven't heard anything, so we're just kind of waiting and hoping that what he originally signed up for is what he gets. >> last year's freshman class was 1300 students smaller than this year's class. the school says hotels will not cost upper class stupts more money. it's one of the people the nation wanted to hear from, what juror number 3 in the caylee anthony murder trial is saying about the trial. the deliberations and the controversial decision. rain and sleep and gloom of night won't keep the mail man from his appointed rounds. a chihuahua does in one bay area neighborhood.
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>> a memorial service is being held right now for a northern california man killed 10 days ago when he was on a mexican fishing boat that capsized off baja, california. former san francisco chronicle reporter leslie yi is the only victim who is body has been found. >> the family is grieving, of course, lost a very important person in our lives, but we will carry on, because god has given us the strength to do that, and so many people are sending their thoughts and prayers, and have given us strength. >> 44 people were on the boat. about three dozen survived with
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seven still missing and presumed dead. new york police are releasing disturbing new details about the fate of a missing boy and the arrest of a suspect. police say they tracked the suspect with the help of surveillance tape. it shows 8-year-old leibby kletsky with 35-year-old levi aron walking into a dentist office. investigators traced aron's address from records at that office. when they arrived at his apartment early this morning, the door was ajar. when asked about the child, aron pointed to the kitchen. >> inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them. some of the remains were in the freezer, and others in the dumpster 2 1/2 miles away. >> police say aron and the boy did not know each other. they say the boy had simply asked for directions in what's considered a no-crime neighborhood. juror number 3 in the casey anthony murder trial is talking about what it feels like to be
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associated with a very unpopular verdict. >> it's just very stressful and, you know, you get anonymous letters from people that are hateful and nasty. >> jennifer ford says the hate mail and threats began when she revealed her role as a juror. she says anthony may not be innocent, but she stansd by her decision saying that prosecutors failed to prove their case. >> they had good strong circumstantial evidence but at the end of the day, it was circumstantial, and there was not just one strong piece of evidence that said something definitively. >> anthony is set to be released from prison this sunday, and there's word she may be moving to a new town with a new name and possibly a new look to avoid any back lash. prosecutors are laying out their case against baseball great roger clemens in washington dc. this is video of roger clemens arriving at court today. the feds started their opening statements saying that needles and cotton balls, clemens' former trainer said he used to
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inject the former star tested positive for dna and anabollic steroids. he says he did not take the drugs and the trainer is fabricating evidence. clemens is on trial for lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs. if convicted, he could face 30 years in prison. a small dog has led to a big controversy in one valejo neighborhood. mail service to an entire block was suspended after a postal carrier had a run-in with a dog named mocha. but as claudine wong reports, neighbors are not convinced mocha was a threat. >> reporter: for days, mail boxes in this neighborhood sat empty. postal carriers did not come to this block on friday, saturday or monday. the reason, this little dog named mocha. mocha is a 1 1/2-year-old chihuahua who has lived in the neighborhood for a couple of months. >> you know the dog? >> yeah, i met the dog before. >> reporter: mocha was running around near her home last
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thursday. her owner who didn't want to go on camera told us the postal carrier was walking down the street when mocha ran up to him and ran around him a couple of times. she said she didn't think it was a big deal but the postal carrier got scared, saying he was putting the mail on hold and took off. mocha's owners weren't the only ones affected by this. other neighbors said the postal service sent them a letter saying they wouldn't get their mail until this issue resolved. for three days, residents who wanted their mail had to go to the post office and get it themselves. >> i have to go into the city and rush down to the post office before it closed. so yeah, it makes a big difference. simply overreaction because of -- i can see if it was like a pit bull running around or a rock wiler or something like that, of course, but a chihuahua? come on, what can a chihuahua do to somebody. >> reporter: the postal service says there are more than 5,000 carrier versus dog incidents nation wide. as far as they're concerned, if
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it has teeth, it can bite, and if a carrier doesn't feel safe, the mail isn't coming. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. lots of tweets coming in or e-mails saying, what is going on with our weather. last week, we had a very shallow fog bank. only the coast was getting in on it, it was sunny, warm to high, while a week later, we had a lot of rain and drizzle. there are some breaks in the cloud. it is starting to peel back and we'll start to see some sun but it's not going to be very warm. temperatures are well below average. light rain this morning, mist, .03, .04 to .05 in the rain gauge from that drizzle, whatever you want to call it. for july, it's really cool this week. low clouds will be back but not as extensive tonight into tomorrow. it will be on the cool side but gradual warmings as we go into the weekend. there's not going on but a little bit of rain. there's a lot of low clouds and they made it all the way out to the sacramento valley.
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san jose second day in a row, they were 67, 57, san francisco, 56 in oakland. you can see why there's just a big fog bank. again, i think it'll start to peel back here and burn off pretty fast but we have a west-southwest wind and a delta breeze showing itself and being very strong through the morning hours into the afternoon hours. low clouds getting enhanced. you can see them starting to thin out. the inland temperatures are cool and the upper atmosphere is cool so there's nothing really left to support it, but it will remain on the cool side as the low sits in oregon. that's what's controlling our weather. low overcast and drizzle will give way to the sun. i think we've bottomed out today. but the afternoon temperatures will rise slowly temperature. some low clouds holding on. it will be breezy and misty. the light rain has pretty much
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ended. temperatures are anywhere from 50s to 60s to 70s. in clear lake, it's cool out there. fairfield, 72. wal nut creek, 68. what? you heard me, 68. that's it. 62 oakland, alomeda, 60 degrees. san jose 72, 76 morgan hill. sunnyvale 78. upper 50s on the san mateo coast so an extremely cool pattern. we'll warm up somewhere down the road but gradually only at best. >> and the twitter nation is happy about this. >> most of them are but want a little bit warmer. >> it's about to get easier to eat healthier when you go out to eat.
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>> the astronauts on nasa's last space shuttle flight woke up to the song rocket man. plus a message from sir john. after that, they turned to the more mundane matters, hauling things back and forth from the space station to the shuttle, including supplies into the station and trash out of the station. they also dealt with a sinking problem, a smelly toilet. we will talk live with the crew tomorrow morning. the interview from space will take place in our 6:00 a.m. hour.
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in fact, at 6:26 a.m. you won't want to miss it live from the space station tomorrow here on ktvu. the national restaurant association is kicking off a program today to provide healthier food to children where their parents take them out to eat. at least 19 restaurant and fast-food chains have signed on, including burger king, chili's and ihop. they have to offer a main meal of fewer than 600 calories and a side dish of fewer than 200 calories, and will also have a menu that adds more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and less salt, sugar and fat. two bay area dentists got an unusual emergency call this week and we have the picture to prove it. take a look. this is oscar the western lowland gorilla undergoing surgery monday. he had an abscessed tooth. after a three-hour procedure, the abscess was removed and the tooth saved and they say oscar is now doing fine. coming up at 5:00, a rash of
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crime in one east bay city. which one and what police want you to know. plus, we are sitting down with the prosecutor in the jayee dugardcase. we will bring you more at 5:00 but you can always get your news at we update it all day long. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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